What Works For Us

Fostering the relationship between the Client and the Talent is our main goal. We see it as an investment and as investors we like to see growth and full potential reached.



We thoroughly pre-screen, administer tests and in-depth interviews to ensure talent is Talent. Furthermore, we conduct initial background and employment checks and verify that claimed qualifications, certifications and credentials are legitimate.



We keep up with the Talents during employment through phone calls and face to face meetings. We also have discussions with the employers about Talent performance. If performance is not up to par we initiate a dialogue to see how to best rectify the situation



Once we are satisfied with the nature of the relationship, we recommend Talents strive for further education and certifications. We work side by side with both the client and candidate to assure that everyone is in good terms.


2017 is going to be your best year yet! We can connect you to an in-demand and hard-to-find candidate or position that fits your needs.

IT industries are continuously transforming and shaping the world. From effective cloud computing up to mobile applications heading to infrastructure and social media, few industries keeps on changing the things they do and the manner on how they are doing it.

In our IT recruitment services, perhaps one of the most essential things we always value is the essence of time. Whether you are in need of talented IT organizations or skilled and professional technology providers, our professional technology recruiters at OMNI can always help you. We understand immediately some competitive parameters that can be shifted and how we efficiently and effectively drive the best results.

Administrative section in every company is very essential to let your business acquire immediate progress and success. This is the reason why the need of the best and most professional administrative staff is a must.  Well, our company is here to give you the best staff whom we know could be part of your company’s success and progress. We are aware the administrative section in a certain company takes all the responsibility of what’s happening inside the work area hence our recruitment services for administrative sections can truly help you out.

From telecommunications and manufacturing to consumer products and banking, companies across these industries needs transcendent financial talents to increase revenues, reduce costs and intelligently navigate all through different types of financing activities. We are here to give you the best finance recruitment services that will drive positive and productive impact to the economy. As a reputable recruitment service provider, we assure to give you professional as far as finance recruitment services are concerned.

OMNI is more than your staffing supplier since we are considered to be your best recruitment partners in the healthcare field. For several years, we are already specialized in managing, attracting as well as recruiting best health care professionals. Internationally and nationally, our company reputation really precedes us.

Our company’s specialist recruitment consultant team is engaging health professionals such as allied health, midwives, nurses, and more for placement into different health organizations around the world. We are doing this since we knew that receiving the best healthcare services from professionals is really one of the best you could ever have.

The best design and advertisement drives growth and revenue. The statement herein is very simple but this work is very demanding and challenging. This is the reason why designers and advertising executives are really in demand and can provide huge amount of impact to your revenue. We are here to give you the best and most skilled professionals who are going to give you successful and productive design and advertising business venture you deserve to have.

Whether you are looking for a talent or you are a professional/rookies/college grad, feel free to give us a call or pop in for a cuppa. We are happy to talk you about the open positions that will suite you the best, talents that will fit the best in your companies, or opportunities that's awaiting for you.

About Us

At OMNITALENTS we have adopted a new approach to recruiting. We are committed to bridging the gap between clients and talents pre and post placement. Prior to placement, our recruiters—with their deep knowledge ranging from IT to Healthcare, HR and the rest of the worlds—put Talents through a rigorous pre-screening process. Highly knowledgeable, from a combined twenty years of industry experience, they are bona-fide experts, and they make sure that the Talents are to. We believe in talent and at OMNITALENTS the title is earned. Post placement, we work hard to cultivate the relationship between the Talents and their positions. We do extensive follow-up work, collecting data from both sides on progress & performance to sustain optimal compatibility. To ensure that the Talent does not fade, we promote and encourage the pursuance of higher education and the attainment of further certifications and industry credentials. At OMNITALENTS we believe Talent is the keystone of success. And you could call us The Architects.


OMNITALENTS vast array of connections provides a consistent client experience with only the best.

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